A Reaction to Tommy Robinson

Throughout my teenage years and early 20s in Southern California, I was not only oblivious to how people live in Alabama, Kansas, or Virginia, I was used to the urban universalism. If we all just coexisted nicely, Ubered to our favorite culturally diverse restaurant, and went to the occasional international arts festival, everything would be fine right?

Do Millennials Have Their $$$$ Together? Meh…

Based on an initial glance at the general habits of Millennials one would most likely scoff at our spending habits, willingness to save, and lack of financial literacy. We seem to spend a ridiculous amount of our money on unimportant things like coffee, random crap on Amazon, and super-awesome cocktails at hipster bars downtown. However, if you look with a bit of a wider lens you’ll notice a generation that, whether purposely or not, seems to have learned a lesson from the great recession.

Healthcare Reform: The Real Debate

Beyond the rants of the left that repealing Obamacare will rip health care from the grip of crying babies and the trolling tweets of the right that leftist conspirators are using health care to turn the U.S. to socialism is a real debate. We've been faced with bad options attempting to fix a universal problem...cost.

Those Damn Socialists and Fascists

Have you ever noticed how horrible the people are who disagree with you? I mean, how do they not understand? Obviously their either stupid or just bad people. Or maybe you live in a bubble. Here is a piece of advice: Pop your political bubble! Do it now! All a sudden, Republicans control both houses... Continue Reading →

U.S. International Relations Brands

Prior to delving into a brief description of the different trains of thought in American foreign policy, it is essential to understand the broad strokes of how Americans think of their relations with the rest of the world. Traditionally, the United States had abided by a staunch isolationist foreign policy until, first, the Monroe Doctrine... Continue Reading →

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