Pursuit Of Clarity

tegan-mierle-157974Have you ever been sitting between two people arguing with each other over a political, cultural, social, or life issue and it was painfully obvious that they would never reconcile their differences or come to any sort of mutual understanding? Do you ever find yourself being the one who has empathy for both sides and seems to be able to understand the “why” behind the each argument and make a logical conclusion on which is more correct than the other? That’s what I call clarity. If you are one of those people then you just happen to be someone who has the uncommon ability to see past emotion and find clarity.

I find myself in that position all the time. I was inspired to start this blog because of an experience I had the last time I visited home. It was my first time visiting my family’s home in California in a long time, and we ended the night, as we usually do, sitting by the firepit outside and talking. This was just after Trump had been elected, so inevitably the conversation turned political. Instantly the lines were drawn.

I found myself between the younger generation ironically on my left, and the older generation ironically on my right. Trump’s “travel ban” was the issue and neither side could understand the other. I’m sure you can guess which group sided where. It ended up being me explaining one side’s belief to the other in a manner that forced each side to recognize the rationale of the other. Up to my interruption, it had just been shaking heads and emphatic argument. No understanding and no clarity.

My goal and the goal of this blog is to address the many issues facing our time on any subject I feel remotely competent enough to write about. I will attempt to find the “why” behind each side’s argument and then discuss why I think one is more correct than the other.

I will admit that my political beliefs fall on the right side of the political spectrum so I’ll usually side that way. I am a natural rights conservative, a strict constructionist, a believer in the civil rights of the individual, separation of power, and the importance of the legislative branch. However, I grew up going through the California public school system and I am part of our country’s most “educated” generation. That means I understand the language of the left. Most of my friends are on the left. Even my wife finds herself siding with the left more times than not (I’ll leave that to another post).

So despite my natural tendency to side with the right over the left, I am more than willing to hear and understand the calm and rational arguments of someone who disagrees with me. My life experiences have taught me to be willing to empathize with all sides of the issue because not only is that is how you truly find knowledge, but it is how you can prove to yourself why you think the way you do. Because of this quality, I find myself just as aggravated watching the dogmatic reporting of Fox News as I do MSNBC. Talking heads regurgitating talking points at one another in raised voices helps no one.

It must also be noted that I am not an “expert.” The posts on this blog will be purely for the purposes of a discussion for the laymen. So many of my “educated” peers have a tendency to put on their expert voice and speak with a sense of conceit born through what they think is true education.

In the end, I want everyone who visits this blog to have an understanding of why those who disagree with them think the way they do on a particular issue. After they do that they can finish the post and understand why I think the way I do.

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