About Millennial American

While the news networks and political websites continue their endless incoherent rage at one another, this blog will make a concerted effort to bring clarity to the social skirmishes of our time. If you find yourself as unable to comprehend the emotional fervor of the leftist listing all of the isms plaguing our society on their Facebook page as much as you are annoyed at the repetitive demagoguery¬†of Fox News Republicans then you’ve found the right place.

Here, the political, social, cultural, and many other issues most affecting us will be discussed rationally. I am a millennial who has lived my entire adult life surrounded by those who disagree with me. It’s because of that experience that I’ve been able to learn the skill of empathy and can, therefore, bring clarity to the issues I face.

Your intelligent, calm, and rational comments are eagerly awaited. Name calling, demagoguery, and pedantic patronizing pontification will not be tolerated. Let the discussion begin!

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